Amphenol ExaMEZZ™ Hermaphroditic Connector System

Amphenol FCI ExaMEZZ™ 56Gb/s High Speed Hermaphroditic Connector System is designed to offer 25Gb/s electrical performance and facilitate a path to 56Gb/s for future increases in bandwidth requirements and the data rates in high speed signaling applications. The ExaMEZZ™ Connector System features a beam-on-beam contact interface that minimizes the residual stub for improved signal integrity performance and provides very low mating force while maintaining excellent contact normal force. Protected mating interfaces for both backplane and daughter card connectors eliminate the exposed header pin field on the backplane, which can be susceptible to damage. Crosstalk performance is increased through 40Gb/s due to each signal wafer incorporating a one-piece, embossed ground structure. These connectors come in a plastic body that has been optimized for mezzanine applications, with hermaphroditic mating.Learn More