Amphenol SMPM Micro-Miniature Connectors

Amphenol RF SMPM Micro-Miniature Connectors operate in high-frequency board-to-board applications up to 65GHz or in cable solutions optimized to meet the frequency limits of the cable. SMPM connectors feature a snap-on mating style similar to SMP connectors and are ideal for a range of precision and miniaturized applications, including antennas, handheld radios, military communication systems, and instrumentation and measurement equipment. SMPM PCB connectors are machined from brass and plated gold for solderability and high-frequency electrical performance. SMPM PCB connectors offer surface mount, through-hole leg, or edge mount terminations. Users can pair these connectors with SMPM bullet adapters, achieving a minimum PCB spacing of 8.65mm. These PCB connectors paired with bullet adapters are ideal for blindmate situations. SMPM cable connectors offer straight and right-angle configurations for 0.047- and 0.086-inch diameter semi-rigid and conformable cables, as well as RG-178 flexible coaxial cable. SMPM cable connectors are made from beryllium copper or brass with gold plating for durability of use and maximum electrical performance.Learn More