Cypress Semiconductor CY4500 EZ-PD™ Protocol Analyzer

Cypress CY4500 EZ-PD™ Protocol Analyzer records the USB Power Delivery protocol traffic (USB-PD) on the Configuration Channel (CC) of a USB Type-C connector. This signal is used to negotiate the power provided on the connector as well as Alternate Modes and Accessory Modes. The CY4500 EZ-PD Protocol Analyzer connects in-line between two Type-C products, and acts as a pass-through for VBUS, VCONN, USB 3.1, USB 2.0 and USB-PD traffic. While connected, it does not disturb any of the signals. This enables capture of PD negotiation for power, USB data roles, and DisplayPort, or other Type-C Alternate Modes. The included Windows-based EZ-PD Analyzer Utility provides developers with an easy-to-use GUI to decode the USB-PD messages.
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