Newhaven Display 4.3" TFT Touchscreen + Arduino Shield

Newhaven Display 4.3″ TFT LCD Touchscreen Module + Arduino Shields offer a simple, compact solution for developing with touchscreen capable TFT displays. The Touchscreen Shields are available in six different models. Each shield features a 480px x 272px resolution TFT display in either Sunlight Readable, Premium (MVA), or Standard LCD display types. The modules are offered with capacitive touch and resistive touch options.
These 4.3″ Touchscreen Shields are designed to connect directly to commonly-used Arduino development boards. This greatly reduces software and hardware development time, simplifying the design process. No extra controller boards or cables are required, providing a much faster and effortless experience developing with a touchscreen TFT. By utilizing the vastly growing Arduino community, engineers can take advantage of shared code developed by other engineers as well as code created by Newhaven Display engineers.
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