Silicon Labs Thunderboard™ Sense Development Platform

Silicon Labs Thunderboard™ Sense (SLTB001A) provides a complete sensor-to-cloud development platform for battery-operated IoT applications. The feature-rich Thunderboard Sense board helps designers prototype and program battery-operated, energy-friendly connected IoT devices using the Silicon Labs EFR32 Mighty Gecko Wireless System-on-Chip. The board includes six environmental sensors as well as four high brightness RGB LEDs. The sensors and LEDs are accessible to the EFR32 wireless MCU. The small, multi-sensor, development board supports proprietary stacks and standard protocols including ZigBee®, Thread and Bluetooth® low energy. Designers can easily program the Thunderboard Sense with an USB Micro-B and the on-board J-Link debugger. The on-board J-Link debugger allows easy development and customization. Thunderboard Sense also includes a ready-to-use Bluetooth demo designed to work with a cloud-connected smartphone application. This mobile app allows quick proof-of-concept of cloud-connected sensors.Learn More