Texas Instruments DS280BR820 8-Channel Linear Repeater

Texas Instruments DS280BR820 8-Channel Linear Repeater is an extremely low-power, high-performance eight-channel linear equalizer supporting multi-rate, multi-protocol interfaces up to 28Gbps. This device is used to extend the reach and improve the robustness of high-speed serial links for backplane, front-port, and chip-to-chip applications. The linear nature of the DS280BR820’s equalization preserves the transmit signal characteristics, thereby allowing the host and link partner ASICs to freely negotiate transmit equalizer coefficients (100G-CR4/KR4). This transparency to the link training protocol facilitates system-level interoperability with minimal effect on the latency. Each channel operates independently, which allows the DS280BR820 to support individual lane Forward Error Correction (FEC) pass-through.Learn More