Trina Solar DUAL GLASS N type i-TOPCon TSM-425 W NEG9R.28


One of the standout features of the Vertex S+ is its dual-glass protection, making it more durable and resistant to harsh conditions. It’s the only residential panel with this feature whilst still remaining lightweight due to its 20% thinner glass.
After 25 years of experience in bringing innovation leadership and providing efficient sustainable products, we’re excited to unveil the latest addition to our rooftop PV portfolio.
The Vertex S+ range has our most efficient and long-lasting panels to-date. Its replacement of plastic with glass means improved recycling and a sustainable choice for your customers. The Vertex S+ is also super easy to install with a beautiful, sleek design, making it perfect for a variety of rooftop installation applications.
The n type i-TOPCon cell technology is the main component contributing to the module’s high performance. The Vertex S+ has a max power output of 445Wand a module efficiency of up to 22.3%.
As part of the next generation of solar technology, it’s made to last. With a 30 year performance warranty, the Vertex S+ is ready to power generations of families and communities across Europe.

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