TDK TPX20-MT Series Multilayer LTCC Triplexers TDK TPX20-MT Series Multilayer LTCC Triplexers offer a compact 2.0 x 1.2 x 0.90mm design in an 8-terminal SMD package.  The TPX series is designed for applications using a combination of GPS/Dual-band WiFi/Bluetooth/Zigbee for connectivity. The TPX20-MT has a -40ºC to +85ºC operating temperature.Learn More

Molex Pre-Crimped Leads Molex Pre-Crimped Leads are a simple and cost-effective solution for any pre-production or prototype requirements. They are available in female-to-female and male-to-male configurations and lengths of 150mm and 300mm. All pre-crimped leads are fully tested and available for the most popular Molex connector families.Learn More

STMicroelectronics USBLC6-4SC6Y ESD Suppressor STMicroelectronics USBLC6-4SC6Y ESD Suppressor is a monolithic device dedicated to ESD protection of high speed interfaces. These interfaces include USB 2.0, Ethernet links and video lines. The supressor’s very low line capacitance secures a high level of signal integrity. The USBLC6-4SC6Y achieves this integrity without compromising in protecting sensitive chips against […]

Texas Instruments MSP432 Microcontrollers Texas Instruments MSP432 Microcontrollers are the latest addition of efficient ultra-low-power mixed-signal MCUs. They feature an ARM Cortex-M4 processor in a wide configuration of device options. With a rich set of analog, timing, and communications peripherals, they cater to a large number of application scenarios.Learn More

TE Connectivity Low-Profile LTE MiMo Antenna TE Connectivity Low-Profile LTE MiMo Antenna with GPS is designed to support the new generation of vehicular LTE routers. The antenna enclosure of the LTE MiMo contains three isolated high-performance antenna elements. Two of those elements are ultra-wideband elements covering 698-2700MHz. The two ultra-wideband elements support MiMo/diversity at cellular/LTE […]

Bourns SRN4018TA Series Semi-Shielded Power Inductors Bourns SRN4018TA Series Semi-Shielded Power Inductors provide effective magnetic shielding with lower radiation compared to non-shielded inductors. These inductors also offer reduced cost to comparably-sized conventional ferrite shield inductors. The SRN4018TA Series is primarily designed for automotive electronics applications and is AEC-Q200 qualified. Typical automotive application areas for these […]

Amphenol ExaMEZZ™ Hermaphroditic Connector System Amphenol FCI ExaMEZZ™ 56Gb/s High Speed Hermaphroditic Connector System is designed to offer 25Gb/s electrical performance and facilitate a path to 56Gb/s for future increases in bandwidth requirements and the data rates in high speed signaling applications. The ExaMEZZ™ Connector System features a beam-on-beam contact interface that minimizes the residual stub […]

Amphenol 4.3/10 Connectors Amphenol RF 4.3/10 Connectors offer VSWR performance up to 6.0GHz in a small, weather resistant design. When compared to 7/16 connectors, these devices are 40% lighter and provide greater PIM performance with separate electrical and mechanical contacts. 4.3/10 Connectors are IP-67 compliant (in the unmated condition) and ideal for low PIM and […]

Molex Brad® Safety MPIS Distribution Boxes Molex Brad® Passive-Signal and Safety Multi-Port Interconnection System (MPIS) Boxes allow for quick and easy connections of high-density industrial signal IOs in harsh environments. The rugged and sealed MPIS offer highly-reliable cross-field signal connections to controllers. The boxes save space by offering the possibility to connect 2 sensors per […]

Littelfuse SLD8S SMTO-263 AEC-Q101 TVS Diodes Littelfuse SLD8S SMTO-263 AEC-Q101 TVS Diodes are packaged with leaded modification and are constructed to provide precision overvoltage protection for sensitive electronics. The SLD8S series offers response times, excellent clamping capability, and low incremental surge resistance. These devices come in a low profile package that is flammability rated V-0 […]

Fairchild Semiconductor FESx Ultrafast Recovery Rectifiers Fairchild Semiconductor FESx Ultrafast Recovery Rectifiers are designed to meet requirements for commercial and industrial applications. The FESx series offers ultrafast recovery time, low forward voltage drop and low thermal resistance in a compact, 1.2mm x 6.5mm x 4.44mm TO-277 package. This low-profile surface mount package maximizes space savings. […]