Harwin Gecko Screw-Lok Connectors

Harwin Gecko Screw-Lok (Gecko SL) Connectors feature ruggedized screw fixings for increased security. Harwin Gecko SL withstands repeated mating cycles without damage. These Harwin connectors are up to 45% smaller and up to 75% lighter than Micro-D connectors. Gecko SL connectors feature a patented single-piece four-finger beryllium copper contact. The series withstands high vibration, shock, and extreme temperatures, ensuring durable performance under harsh conditions. Robust stainless steel fixing hardware offers corrosion resistance against salt spray and humidity. Gecko SL Connectors include captive screws with Hex socket heads to prevent slipping during assembly. A mate-before-lock feature offers fast assembly and increased usability. Gecko SL series offers female and male vertical through-hole and surface-mount versions.Learn More