Toshiba TC35670 and TC35675 Bluetooth&reg Controllers

Toshiba TC35670 and TC35675 Controllers are Bluetooth Smart Combo devices which support the BT Low Energy (LE) 4.1 standard. An NFC Forum compliant Tag Class 3 to wake up BLE devices from sleep mode and initiate Bluetooth pairing. This connection set-up assures ease-of-use and very low power. The NFC tag with Bluetooth LSI allows the Bluetooth circuit to remain off until awakened by an active NFC controller from another device. Data exchange with the NFC Tag EEPROM occurs without waking up the Bluetooth circuit. The devices are suitable for ultra-low power portable products. Embedded Bluetooth qualified BLE stack and GATT profiles facilitate easy Bluetooth product qualification. Both ICs are used with a host device or as a standalone device. TC35675 includes embedded Flash memory so that external EEPROM memory is not needed in standalone mode. The Toshiba TC35670 and TC35675 devices and embedded software are Bluetooth Qualification Expert (BQE) qualified. Learn More